Pre-labels validation: A new way to label your data

Introducing Pre-labels Validation

We’re excited to introduce pre-labels validation, a powerful way to make your labeling more accurate, cheaper and faster by injecting your pre-annotations. This fundamentally changes the labeling process by letting our annotators focus on accepting, refining or fixing the pre-labels rather than annotating an image from scratch.

Example use cases:

  • Reviewing and correcting your model output
  • Changing annotation classes for a label schema change, e.g. breaking a dent class to big-dent and small-dent
  • Improving an open source labeled dataset by treating the data as pre-labels
  • Reviewing annotation output from your third party labeling teams

With each model iteration, the amount of labeled data required often increases exponentially — presenting a clear incentive for ML teams to increase labeling efficiency with pre-labels.

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