Pre-labels validation: A new way to label your data

Introducing Pre-labels Validation

Batching and more export types

What's new?


Maximize accuracy by relabeling tasks

Happy new year! 2022 was an incredible year full of exploration and discovery, but we're not stopping there! We're beyond excited to kick off 2023 with some amazing new features on Bolt that we just know you're going to love.


Better Quality Assurance (QA) experience

We're excited to announce an update to our QA feature based on your feedback. With this update, we've made it easier for you to perform your QA processes.


Add collaborators to your labeling project

We’ve added collaboration to projects on BOLT! We understand that machine learning initiatives are often a team effort, and previously only the original creator of a project could visually inspect annotations in real time, evaluate the quality of work, and export annotation data. So, we’re excited to announce that you can now share your labeling projects and collaborate with the rest of your team.


New end-to-end flow

We’ve redesigned the end-to-end flow on Bolt! Project pre- and post-setup flows are now separated to give you a more streamlined, focused experience. You may experience downtime today (11 Oct 8.30 - 10.30 AM GMT) while we work on upgrading your experience with our platform.


Support new use cases with image classification

By popular demand, we’re excited to introduce a new image classification project type. It provides a fuller suite of annotation offerings for your use cases.


Reduce time spent writing annotation instructions with our platform editor

Now, you can create annotation instructions using an editor on the platform itself.


Notify the annotators to achieve complete feedback loop easily

To ensure the annotators receive task feedback and instruction updates from you efficiently, we have implemented a feature that allows you to notify the annotators with just one click.


Start your project without putting in credit card information

Introducing Databolt Freemium. It’s a $5 free annotation credit that you can use to start your first project. So you can experience the full value without putting in credit card information. Here’s how it works: