Batching and more export types

What's new?

Streamline project iterations with batches

As data-centric AI continues to grow in importance, fast iterations have become increasingly crucial. After hearing from many of you challenges in managing project iterations, we're excited to announce our new batch feature!

With this update, you can create batches within projects, saving you time and making it easier to manage iterations. Compare quality across batches with ease, and see improved results as our annotators learn from your feedback with each iteration.

Say goodbye to project management headaches and try our batch feature today!

You may experience downtime today (15 Feb 7-11 AM GMT) while we work on migrating your existing projects.

More Export Types

We've added support for 2 new export types: Pascal VOC & YOLO Darknet. Simply select the desired export type as you export.

Learn more about the different formats here.


Need a different export format?

Email us at [email protected] or drop us a message via Intercom.